Idioms with star

see stars

being dazed caused by banging head

You could see stars when you hit your head on the door.

reach for the stars

set ambitions very high

After you finish that project you can reach for the stars.

be written in the stars

meant to be only this way

It was written in the stars that I will came to live in this country.

rising star

person who is on the way to achieve something great

He is rising star, you can see some of his books in our library.



Common phrase that has a specific meaning.

Idiom of the Day 3/10/2023

drain the swamp

Meaning of idiom

rooting out the practice of corruption

Example of idiom

No matter how critical it is, Draining the swamps would be just about impossible unless we citizens take action against it in the union.

What is an Idiom ?

Definition says - An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase.

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