Idioms with head

head over heels

Fall deeply and completely in love

David is head over heels for Mary. He absolutely adores her.

two heads are better than one

More people working together will yield better results

I would love to try out for the audition with you because two heads are better than one.

head and shoulder above

much better than before

My new computer is head and shoulder above anything I have before. It's by far the best.

lose head

Not have control over your emotions

He is usually very calm and does not lose his head in stressful situations

a heads-up

an advance warning

Our teacher gave us a heads-up that the headmaster will be inspection our books next week !



Common phrase that has a specific meaning.

Idiom of the Day 20/2/2024

on pins and needles

Meaning of idiom

being anxious or nervous

Example of idiom

We have been on pins and needles since we got the news that she had been stranded in the hills amidst a landslide.

What is an Idiom ?

Definition says - An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase.

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